Saturday, October 12, 2013

Why I am wearing PINK throughout October.

One year, I was waiting at the finish line of the SGK Three Day after 3 days of driving the sag wagon. While waiting for the walkers and the Grand Finale, I watched a group of small children waiting for their mommies to arrive. They all wore T-shirts like, "My Mommy is a Survivor", or "My Mommy is Kicking Cancer's Butt". I thought, "how very sad these children have a need for those shirts". My great nephew had one on, too. He lost his mommy, my niece, to breast cancer.

I wear pink for her. I wear pink to support my son who is in his fifth and final walk: . It's not easy raising the money for the walk and for the FIGHT but, he has done it faithfully, Three years beside her and, now, it will be two years in her memory.

Pink is NOT my favorite color and doesn't look particularly good on me but, I wear it. I am wearing it as a fundraiser for my son's last walk, for my niece's memory, for the fight against breast cancer, and to, eventually, end the wearing of those T-shirts! Breast cancer should not be allowed to take daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, friends.

I hope that you will join me by donating a $1 for every day I wear pink. That's just $31 for the whole month of October. I am posting my photos on Facebook and will post the whole month's worth of photos here. Please, click the link. Donate. Be part of the fight.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I "crossed the finish line"!!!

Coming up with a different pink article to wear isn't always easy. Sometimes it's creative, sometimes a stretch and sometimes a bit dorky! I'm not running or walking but I do what I can to help raise money and, more importantly, awareness of the devastation of breast cancer. Not only are the deaths catastrophic but the lives of families are deeply, negatively affected.

In addition, more data is coming out with the effects of breast cancer on the under 50 age groups as well as men who are diagnosed with breast cancer. All cancers are horrible and I hope for the day that cancer is mentioned only in history books.

Thank you to those who are willing to make a donation. I have suggested $1 for each day I wore pink but any amount less or greater is appreciated!! The link to Chris' donation page is below and after that, my final 2012 Pink Blitz photos. Thanks for the donation and enjoy the photos.

Day 22 - wrinkled pink

Day 23 - Pink with a student who wore pink.

Day 24 Pink socks (and, yes, a pink laptop!)

Day 25 pink blouse

Day 26 pink necklace from J9

Day 27 blouse with tomatoes (there is pink in the blouse - check out Day 27 shell)

Day 27 shell - see the pink?

Day 28 - a hat my daughter gave me a few years back.

Day 29 - coral pink - a legit shade of pink!

Day 30 - the ever popular sequined pink chuckies!

Day 31 - my latest - pink cowgirl boots - YEE HAWWWWW!!